A marathon through the Halo series to benefit the Child's Play Charity
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Masocore Marathon This Weekend!

Our marathon of Masocore games to benefit the Child’s Play Charity Starts May 23rd at Noon, CST!

For every $100 we raise before the event starts, we’ll be hitting Paul in the face with a pie to start off the event.
So, help us get this started off right (with a lot of pie on Paul’s face)!

What is a “Masocore Game”?
“Masocore (a portmanteau of “masochism” and “hardcore”) is a theoretical video game sub-genre specifically designed to frustrate players by combining complex game mechanics with intense, seemingly impossible difficulty in special “trial and error” scenarios.”
– giantbomb.com

In other words: A game designed to make a player cry.

Who is playing? Do donators get to play?
Sorry, donators do not get to play. Instead, you get to watch the players and local celebrity guest try to get through one of these games.
These games are designed for pain – and we are definitely not good at them. Watch our few moments of triumph interspersed between massive rage quits!
Check out the bios to see more about our players.

Your donations add time to the clock! The more you donate, the longer our torture lasts.

We will be attempting to play:

  • I Wanna Be The Guy
  • Eryi’s Action
  • Cloudberry Kingdom
  • Bloody Trapland
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

For every $250 we raise, we give The Wheel of Rage Quits a spin!
What could come up?

  • Pie in the face: We have to take a pie in the face.
  • Cups Against Humanity (Chocolate cups filled with random, edible fillings): We have to eat an unknown substance.
  • The Trollface Piñata: We take a whack at a piñata filled with nothing we want.

…and more!

Watch the marathon and donate to Child’s Play at highcharity.org or at twitch.tv/highcharity4cp

High Charity