A marathon of masocore games to benefit the Child's Play Charity
Starts May 23rd at Noon, CST!
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Third-Annual High Charity Gaming Marathon for Child’s Play

St. Paul, Minn. — (Oct. 14, 2013) — Beginning Friday, Oct. 25, gamers from St. Paul, Minn., will kick off the third annual High Charity Halo Marathon, benefiting Child’s Play Charity, which provides toys, books, and games to children undergoing treatment in hospitals worldwide.

The multi-day event, broadcast live online at www.highcharity.org, attracts an audience from around the globe as team members play through the Halo franchise. The public can support the event by donating through the team’s website.

The 2013 event is expected to last 72 hours, and aims to raise $10,000. “This marathon is a great way for us to use the games we love to raise money for a worthy charity,” said Chris Marchand of High Charity. “And our viewers can influence the game. At different donation benchmarks, “skulls” in the game will be unlocked, making the game play harder.”

This year, High Charity has invited several local celebrities to join in the fun. Members of Vilification Tennis, Apropos of Nothing, and the Ridiculous Puppet Company will be stopping by to help raise more funds for Child’s Play.

Child’s Play is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children going through medical treatment in a network of giving stretching across more than ninety hospitals worldwide. The charity has distributed more than 5 million dollars worth of gifts since its 2003 inception. “Marathons like High Charity make a profound positive impact on the lives of hospitalized children through the power of play,” says Jamie Dillion, with Child’s Play. “Through the incredible efforts of the gaming community, we are able to provide games, toys, movies and more to sick kids worldwide.”

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