I WANNA BE THE MARATHON to benefit the Child's Play Charity
Starts July 10 at Noon, CST!

The Halo Marathon is now complete! Thanks so much for joining us, and for donating!

Death Total

What Is High Charity?

High Charity is a fundraiser for the Child’s Play Charity. The goal is to raise as much money as we can by going through the worst gamer pain imaginable for your enjoyment. As your donations go up, the marathon clock keeps ticking. The more you donate, the longer we have to play, and the harder it gets.

Who is playing? Do donators get to play?

Sorry, donators do not get to play. Instead, you get to watch the players and local celebrity guest try to get through these challenges.

Watch the marathon and donate to Child’s Play here on highcharity.org or at twitch.tv/highcharity4cp

Thank You

Thanks to you: the viewer, the donator, and the linker. You help drive us on while making our lives a living hell.
Thanks to all the poor suck….errr… volunteers who are putting in time and effort slogging through this Legendary mess, running the chat room, and making food. Thanks for keeping us going!
And finally, thank you neighbors, for not calling the cops when we get too loud.

The High Charity Team

  • Steve

    Web Designer, Code Monkey, Support

  • Shana

    Moral support, Chat host

  • Paul

    Assault, Moral Support, Cook, and Troll

  • Matt

    Assault, cannon fodder, scout, and moral support.

  • Kadee

    Chat host, cook, morale, publicity, proof that girls like games.

  • John

    Expert button masher

  • Jesse

    Pedant, Hilarious Bumbling

  • Jena

    Project Coordinator, PR, Extra tech, and grenade launcher.

  • Jared

    Clever jibes, heckler, 2am pro.

  • Dave

    General Charm

  • Dave

    Witty banter, Drink Mixer, Gamer with an attitude.

  • Chris

    Sharpshooter, I.T. Monkey

  • Caleb

    Clueless Idiot, Anchor, Sniper

  • Bryn

    Chat maven, heckling, marketing, web monkey.